9. Disclaimer

  1. This white paper is written for the purpose of explaining the PEM coin Project. The information provided in this white paper does not guarantee the integrity of the proposed project. Individuals are solely responsible for decisions made based on its contents and cannot hold any other party accountable for those decisions. Please thoroughly review this white paper to understand and prepare for the proposed business contents, risk factors, and uncertainties.

  1. This white paper is not intended to solicit investors or propose investments. Therefore, the contents of this white paper cannot be construed as investment proposals or investment recruitment.

  1. The information presented in this white paper does not imply a contractual obligation. The words or terms used in this white paper have no legal effect and are not legally binding.

  1. The business progress and schedule presented in this white paper may be updated irregularly, without notice to third parties, whenever modifications are necessary. PEM Foundation holds no obligation to regularly disclose all details to PEM coin holders.

  1. The distribution of PEM coin is carried out through a separate contract from this white paper, and if the contents of the contract do not match the contents of this white paper, the terms and conditions specified in the contract shall prevail.

  1. The contents of this white paper shall not, under any circumstances, be interpreted as legal, financial, accounting, or tax advice, among other things. Users should acquire separate advice if necessary, and PEM Foundation is not responsible for these matters.

  1. PEM coin mentioned in this white paper cannot be interpreted as financial investment instruments, such as bonds, stocks, options, securities, and derivatives, and it does not confer any rights under any circumstances. PEM Foundation does not guarantee income or profits, such as financial interest, under any circumstances, nor does it recommend investment. Additionally, PEM coins do not confer any rights to dividends or interests to the coin holders.

  1. The inherent characteristics of blockchain technology carry potential security vulnerabilities and technical flaws related to coins, which might cause damages or losses. PEM Foundation and its partners are not responsible for risks, such as capital loss due to the loss or leakage of personal keys belonging to PEM coin holders, or any other issues related to blockchain technology.

  1. In the event of unforeseen events, such as system attacks from third parties, force majeure events like natural disasters, or similar unavoidable circumstances, the creation of the ecosystem may be delayed or discontinued, or tangible or intangible losses may occur. PEM Foundation shall not be responsible for such matters.

  1. PEM Project is not free from all risks, including the decline in PEM coin’s value, changes in the market environment, uncertainty, policy risks, and the emergence of competitors, which may change or suspend the direction and roadmap of PEM Foundation’s ecosystem. Individuals must carefully consider and understand these risks, and PEM Foundation and its partners shall not be held responsible for any financial or non-financial losses arising from such risks.

  1. The white paper is based on the laws and regulations as of the date indicated on the first page and may be subject to prospective modifications if the relevant laws or regulatory measures affecting the business operations of PEM Foundation change. If the business operation in a particular jurisdiction becomes illegal or commercially impractical due to prospective changes in the laws and regulations, such jurisdiction's business operation may be discontinued. Each participant bears the responsibility to legally examine whether coin sales in a particular country are restricted based on the respective laws and regulations. The PEM Foundation and its partners are not liable for any direct or indirect loss or damages arising from your awareness of this information and any subsequent consequences.

  1. PEM Project may operate in various countries, and individuals must abide by the laws of their respective countries. Please be aware that the purchase, possession, use, and sale of PEM coin may be restricted or prohibited in some countries. Individuals are solely responsible for legally reviewing the laws and regulations related to coin sale restrictions or similar matters within their own jurisdiction.

  1. The information contained in this white paper has not been reviewed, inspected, or approved by the regulatory authorities, and there is no guarantee that this white paper complies with all regulations of the country in which it is published and distributed.

  1. By referencing or using this white paper, individuals agree to this disclaimer and assume all responsibilities for any legal liabilities and risks that might arise from this project.

  1. The version of this white paper was written based on the specific date indicated on the first page, and its contents reflect the project promotion as of that date. The contents are subject to change at any time, depending on the progress of the project.

  1. The information and contents contained in this white paper are the intellectual property of PEM Foundation, and they may not be reproduced, transmitted, distributed, disclosed, displayed, or used in any other way without prior written approval from PEM Foundation.

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