1. Introduction

1.1 Overview of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

1.2 The Need for Hybrid Blockchain

  1. PEM Project

2.1 Vision and Core Values

2.2 Key Aspects of the PEM Project

  1. POW+S Blockchain

3.1 Introduction to the POW+S Consensus Algorithm

3.2 Advantages and Features of POW+S

  1. POW+S and PEM

4.1 Mining and Token Issuance on PEM

4.2 Value and Incentive Structure of PEM

  1. Scalability of POW+S and Liquidity Control of PEM Coins

5.1 Expansion Structure of POW+S

5.2 Inflation Control through Set-Mining

5.3 Conclusion through the POW+S Ecosystem

  1. PEM Coin Information

6.1 Basic Information about PEM

6.2 PEM Allocation

  1. Business Roadmap

  1. Team Information

  1. Disclaimer

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