5.1. Expansion Structure of POW+S

The POW+S mainnet aims to alleviate concerns about initial node participation and provide sufficient rewards to promote stable network growth. This approach ensures high TPS (Transactions Per Second) and achieves the scalability needed to smoothly support various DApps (Decentralized Applications).

First, the POW+S mainnet provides smart contracts for token issuance and distribution. Through this, tokens based on POW+S can be freely swapped with PEM coins. Token issuers can deposit PEM coins to issue their own tokens, and users can exchange PEM coins for these tokens. The fees generated in this process are used as gas on the POW+S mainnet, contributing to network maintenance and security.

This token swap structure increases the practical use cases of PEM coins and supplies liquidity. Through exchanges with various tokens, the value and utility of PEM coins are enhanced, allowing for the free movement between tokens.

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