3.2 Advantages and Features of POW+S

The POW+S algorithm offers the following advantages:

  1. Enhanced Security: By combining Proof of Work and Super Nodes, the resistance to security threats such as 51% attacks is significantly increased.

  2. High Efficiency: Super Nodes optimize block verification and network management tasks, improving transaction processing speed and scalability.

  3. Energy Efficiency: The difficulty of Proof of Work is dynamically adjusted, and the efficient operation of Super Nodes minimizes energy consumption.

  4. Fair Reward System: Rewards are fairly distributed based on the level of contributions of both Proof of Work participants and Super Nodes, providing appropriate incentives for the participants.

The PEM Project maintains a high level of security through the POW+S algorithm. Proof of Work ensures the integrity of the blockchain, while Super Nodes enhance the reliability of block verification and network management. Regular security audits and tests are conducted to identify and address potential vulnerabilities proactively.

The POW+S algorithm offers attractive opportunities for both miners and Super Node operators. Miners can generate new blocks and earn rewards through Proof of Work, while Super Node operators participate in block verification and network management, laying the foundation of the ecosystem and earning stable income.

To provide the optimal environment for miners and Super Node operators, the PEM Foundation offers various opportunities for technical and economic benefits. Miners can achieve continuous revenue growth as the POW+S mainnet expands, while Super Node operators contribute to the stability and development of the PEM ecosystem, expecting long-term value appreciation.

The PEM Foundation plans to establish optimized infrastructure through close cooperation with mining businesses and Super Node operating partners, providing various technical support and education. Centered on the POW+S mainnet, all participants within the PEM ecosystem will receive attractive and reliable rewards, contributing to the sustainable operation of the project.

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